Wood Branding tools right at your doorsteps


Wood branding is considered to be a tedious task if you don’t have appropriate tools for the same. And it is even harder to find a shop or person who can create the right tool for you. What if we tell you that you can get a good iron brander online at unbelievable prices? Yes, you heard it right,https://lwleathers.com/collections/leather-stamps-and-leather-stamping-tools brings an amazing range of branders for you, from traditional manually heated branders to electrically heated branders. You can find and serve your need for Wood Branding easily. Not only this, but we also have a range of leather stamps to brand leathers for you. We have different types of stamps that are, heated, non-heated and monogramming or gold foiling. You can select and choose according to your needs and requirements. We ensure Stamping Tools are best in quality and durable for a long-lasting impression of the brand and our goodwill.

Wood Branding

You can simply have your very own tool for branding with our help, all you need to do is to submit a high-quality design of your logo that you want to brand and send us, we’ll ensure that your iron brander is accurately made and will never let a scope of complaint about you. We have different types of branders like manually heated and electrically heated. You can select the one you want and simply place an order with logo and payment, within a few days your order will be delivered directly to your doorsteps.


  • Traditional Brander

The traditional branders are needed to be heated before-hand branding manually, they’re cheaper but a tricky task when it comes to branding. You need the proper amount of heat to properly heat the brander. A very high or very low temperature can ruin the logo and you might have to scrap that particular item. But in hands of an expert, these branderswork perfectly.

  • Electrically Heated Branders

Electrically heated brander has no such need of heating manually, all you have to do is to plug them in and let them heat, after reaching a certain temperature you can easily brand your item. If you’re not an expert, then electrically heated branders are recommended for you.

Stamping tools

Leather stamping tools are essential when you have your very own brand; you can easily emboss your brand name or a particular design on leather with them. There are various types of stamping tools like Non-Heated, Heat-Assisted, and Monogramming tools

  • Non-Heated

They simply work on the principle of pressure all you have to do to place the tool on leather and hammer it. 

  • Heat Assisted

They work by heating properties; you simply have to place the tool on leather and plug it in the heat generated will automatically create an embossed design on the leather.

  • Monogramming

If you need to print various names and alphabets on leather quite often, then you can have monogramming tools to serve this need.

We have every kind of wood brander and leather stamping tools to serve your every need without fail.

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