Reconditioned (second-hand) and used forklifts

Second Hand Forklifts

Stand-up trucks in the RX Series are reach trucks that offer the utmost safety and comfort the reach lifting truck RX Model is a stand-up electronic forklift that boasts innovative design and cutting-edge technology to make drivers feel welcome and safe from the moment they get inside. Every aspect of the control room is made to be easy to operate. Considering the Second Hand Forklifts a clear vision and efficient operations properly angled steering wheel and the handlebars, together with proximity switch pedals keep feet from protruding into the cockpit. Additionally, there is a magnetic board with storage spaces and document holders. Each symbol element of its structure was expertly and thoughtfully created.

Motivation for selection Reconditioned and second-hand forklifts

There will also be renovations to Second Hand Forklifts and refurbished forklifts. Forklift spare parts are cleaned, tested, and repainted according to unicarrier Thailand’s requirements. Prepared to offer every consumer a confident, unambiguous product guarantee. Fix or swap out components Forklift spare components that sustain damage as a result of flaws when the proper kind of vehicle is used. Under certain situations, the combustion system and related components for 19 pieces of electric and diesel/LPG forklifts are guaranteed. Assured for a maximum of 600 hours or ninety days following delivery.

Used Forklifts & Equipment

Knowledge and experience

The team of service technicians has been trained and experienced by Unicarrier Japan’s standard courses. We concentrate on advancing forklift technology to a point of true understanding, backed by a decade and a half of expertise. A focus on safety and pragmatism. Forklifts that are used operate in the same way as those that are new. Prepared to offer expert guidance and address issues on second-hand forklifts. Before each used forklift is sold, the group of technicians will give it a thorough inspection and test. To guarantee that the second-hand forklifts that clients obtain are of high calibre and are operationally sound with an unambiguous quality guarantee.

Attend to the demands of use

Siam Motors Industries Co., Ltd.’s used forklifts are available in diesel and petrol models, depending on the situation. Used forklifts may be fitted with a range of attachments to suit different requirements for moving different products. Outdated forklifts at the business selling at a profit Comparable to brand-new forklifts in terms of both quality and productivity. Prepared to withstand extensive use, particularly in companies or factories where a forklift is required regularly or serves as a backup vehicle. Forklifts that have been refurbished into seldom used, outdated models with minimal service life, no longer than three years

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