What are Security Services in Lock City?


Everyone wants to protect their premises when they are not present there and for that, they should install all the security services according to the risk associated with it. Lock City provides so many security services that will not only keep the premise safe but it will also generate alerts whenever an intruder wants to enter your infrastructure without having permission. In a few hotels, universities, or government agencies, we need to protect all the sensitive information as they are related to the entire country, and for that, we can use security services like automatic gates, sensors, cameras, and other security-related devices.

Lock City

Security Services Used

Following are some security services that can be installed or repaired whenever there are malfunctioning devices:

  1. CCTV Cameras

One of the most commonly used devices for security reasons are these CCTV cameras as they are responsible for capturing all the incidents happening inside your premises. It can be installed in both public and private places to secure the entire place while some advanced cameras have several features like voice recording, rotating cameras, integration with AI, and other features. People can select whether they want to store the camera footage locally on the machine or in the cloud because the cloud is more secure than local storage.

  1. Intercom Systems

Other devices can be installed either in public places or private places to have access to guest actions inside your commercial building, storage unit, apartment, or residence. We can see so many homes have installed this intercom system outside their home at door entry and the communication system integrated with this will keep out those intruders away for around 24 hours per day. The installation process is not easy hence it is advised to get help from some professionals who are experts in security services. These intercom systems are now advanced after being integrated with AI and ML technology as it will analyze the behavior.

  1. Alarm System

One of the popular security services that can be installed by every owner because it will raise an alert or alarm whenever it finds unauthorized access to the property. In commercial places, it becomes important to set up alarm systems but it should be customized because every commercial place is not the same. It will protect property owners from being robbed, small businesses, hotels, universities, and other places from a crime. Industrial places also need to install alarm systems as there may be some leakage of gases that may cause huge losses to the industry owners and life of workers.

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