Should You Invest In Tradable Policy Singapore?

Should You Invest In Tradable Policy Singapore

When you decide to monetize your insurance policy, it is good to learn the best ways to sell the insurance policy so that you can earn real value from the sale. Surrendering the policy to your insurer and cashing out small amounts of cash may be the safest way ever but is not very profitable. Searching for a third-party who is willing to buy the policy may as well look a good idea but your safety is not always guaranteed. Listing the policy in the trustless, safe, and convenient Fidentiax marketplace is and will live to be the best way to monetize your tradable policy Singapore.

It’s Secure And Trustless

The most sensitive and indispensable transactions are automated.  You may have to submit your insurance policy documents manually but they can’t be released to the potential buyer before the buyer has deposited money into their Fidentiax accounts. In short, neither the documents nor the money can be swapped before everything has been confirmed and proven to meet the system requirements. Your safety while selling your insurance policy via this system is totally assured.

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Quick And Automated Sales

There is no simpler and convenient way to sell insurance policy Singapore than via the use of the Fidentiax marketplace. The best thing about this crucial system is that it has automated everything and most of the processes are completed automatically. The fact that many of the processes are automated means that the time required to complete transactions is less. It also means that it will take you less time to convert your insurance policy into liquid cash which you can use on making other purchases.

Avoids The Need For Intermediaries

All the policies listed in the Fidentiax marketplace are tokenized. This makes trading them safer and less demanding considering members can easily access them and show interest in the ones they feel are best fit for them. In short, the system decentralizes the whole process of trading in insurance policies considering potential buyers can meet and transact with policyholders without needing to engage the services of intermediaries. When you submit the policy documents, they will be digitized and checked extensively prior to being placed ready for auction on the market. This helps improve convenience in selling and buying insurance policies and minimizes the risk of having to deal with intermediaries.

Enables You To Make More Profits

Surrendering an insurance policy to the insurer or selling it to a third-party does not guarantee you will make profits. This is because in most insurance the insurance company decides how much you will receive for the policy. So, they can decide to pay you amounts lower than the value of your policy. When you decide to sell your insurance policy via Fidentiax marketplace, you are the one to quote the amount you want which gives you more control over the amount you will receive.

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