Leading Real Estate Companies in Lagos Nigeria

For the homeowners in Lagos who their real estate main agenda is to develop, rent, buy or sell properties, they need to find the real estate companies whose services are personalized to correspond with their specific needs. Here are some of the real estate companies in Lagos:

Cappa and D’Alberto PLC

Cappa and D’Ablerto are among the top and the ancient real estate companies, located on Campbell Street 72 in Lagos, Nigeria. They are specialized in civil engineering and building, The CAPPA Company started its operation in 1932 and since then it has built the best building all around the company.

Caldwell Limited

Caldwell Limited is the Well-recognized real estate Company located at SakaTinulu Street 45, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria. It has been providing properties for sale all around Lagos and most different areas of Nigeria. Caldwell Limited is responsible for the advanced development, supreme luxury apartments, commercial outlets, as well as residential homes all focused on meeting the requirements of the tenants.

 UACN Development Property Company PLC

UACN is another top real estate company located at UAC house 1-5 Odunlami Street Lagos, Nigeria. The vision of UACN Property development Company is to provide unique products and services to their customers all around Nigeria. Its vision is represented by offering leading notch houses for rentals as well as for sells in Lagos and many different regions of Nigeria.

You can get in touch with the real estate owners in Lekki and other parts of Nigeria regarding more details about selling the houses.

Prime-Water-View Limited

Prime-water-view Company limited is among the leading real estate and development property firm located at MoshoodOlugbani Street 185, Victoria-Island-Extension, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Prime-Water-View Company Limited is considered as one of the 5 leading real estate companies in Lagos as well as the whole parts of Nigeria. This real estate company is based in building residential premises in uptown regions and all over Nigeria.

 1004 Estate Limited

1004 is also among the recognized real estate companies located at Federal-Housing-Complex Road, in Lagos Nigeria. They are equipped with experienced top notch team. They also comprised with diverse professionals in real estate services. In addition, they provide unique real estate services to their customers.

For more inquiries regarding rentals in Lagos or property for sale, here are the list six of the best real estates in Nigeria. Feel free to choose the ideal real estate company that can suit your needs.

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