Wizard’s Guide to a Cleaner Christmas

The “most wonderful time of the year” is just around the corner. But with all the shopping, cooking, cleaning and entertaining that you need to do for Christmas, this cheerful season can quickly become a stressful time for you. In this article, we give you a guide to cleaning and preparing your home for the holidays, which can help lessen your stress and make Christmas a blissful time for you.

Pre-Christmas: Plan in advance

Getting organised ahead of time is key to reducing stress during the holidays. Plan your housecleaning in advance. Having a checklist of the chores you need to do helps ensure that you don’t miss a spot. A good and thorough clean before your guests arrive will enable you to maintain your housekeeping routine and reduce the time you spend cleaning up after the festivities.

If you need professional steam carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, rug cleaning or couch cleaning for your holiday preparations, it would be smart to book in advance.  Professional cleaning services tend to be booked out during this season, so schedule your appointment early to make sure that your cleaning job is accommodated in good time.

Prioritise high traffic areas

Are you pressed for time? Prioritise cleaning the rooms that your guests will spend the most time in. These areas are the lounge, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms. Once these rooms have been vacuumed or scrubbed, you can then turn your attention to the bedrooms.

Need a quick list to guide you through your pre-Christmas cleaning?  Here is a rundown of some basic chores to get your home ready for the holidays:

  • Clean your entryway, clear coat hangers.
  • Vacuum and dust out carpets and upholstery.
  • Place empty rubbish bins in all communal spaces.
  • Clean and sanitise your kitchen, especially areas needed for cooking.
  • Clean or rinse out any special dishes, glassware, and cutlery.
  • Scrub, sanitise and deodorise your bathroom and toilet.
  • Place tissue rolls and fresh hand towels in the bathroom and toilet.
  • Shake out or iron any table linens.
  • Stock up on stain removers and other cleaning products.

During Christmas: Maintaining a clean house

If you’ve completed your housecleaning in advance, then all you need to do on the day itself is to maintain cleanliness.  Clear out any food or drink spills straightaway to make sure it comes out.  Here is a short clean-up list to guide you on the day of the celebrations:

  • Clear up spills ASAP.
  • Empty the trash bin.
  • Re-stock on toiletries.
  • Do a quick clean of toilets and hand basins.
  • Quickly vacuum or sweep floors in communal areas and kitchen.
  • Cover and store food properly in the fridge to avoid wastage.

Post-Christmas clean up

If you’ve organised ahead and kept up with your cleaning plans, then post-Christmas cleaning will be a breeze. Make sure you do the following:

  • Wash, dry, and store all dishes and cutlery.
  • Power-clean the kitchen and counter tops.
  • Clean and sanitize the bathroom and toilet.
  • Clean and tidy up rooms.
  • Take out the rubbish.

Did your guests leave behind stains on your carpet, rug or couch that you can’t seem to get out? It’s best to leave it to the experts. Wizard provides steam carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and couch cleaning that can help banish stains from the festivities. And if your tiled surfaces need a detailed clean, we also provide tile and grout cleaning services. For a thorough after-party clean, can us on 9323 1474 and book our professional cleaning services.

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