Why Use Mobile Banking? In One Word: Convenience

A decade ago, the use of online banking was growing with millions of people learning to use technology for unmatched convenience. If you went back another 10 years, you’d have found that the number of online banking customers was very small, probably numbering in the thousands as the 21st century began. Today, the people who don’t visit a brick-and-mortar bank and rely on technology only are in the hundreds of millions.

The next step in banking, which has grown almost as quickly, is mobile banking. By definition, mobile banking is different from banking online in that you use a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet. Using this technology, you can get account information, pay bills, transfer money, and even deposit checks with your phone. Basically, you can bank anywhere at any time. While there may be a few security concerns that also existed with online computer banking, the technology has improved so much in recent years that it’s become a standard activity for millions of people.

Easy Access

Mobile banking offers numerous advantages including great security, applications that work with various smart phones, and, of course, easy access. It gives you consistent control of your money. When you don’t have Internet connection, you can take care of some activities through a mobile connection in many cases. Availability of services depends on a number of factors but there are generally several good reasons to use mobile banking.

When you work with one of the leading providers, you’ll find that Malaysia mobile banking provides you unprecedented convenience. You can access a comprehensive view of deposit activity, credit card transactions, loans, and investment accounts on the go. You have more control of your finances wherever you are, when you need it. With this service you can transfer funds, sending money to anyone in Malaysia.

Mobile users with the top providers in the country can also handle bill payments through several programs, eliminating the need to carry cash, write cheques, or wait to pay bills. Generally, you can bank from the comfort of home, from work, and even when you’re on holiday. You won’t have to travel to or walk into a bank to transfer funds to other bank accounts.

Access, Access

One of the key benefits of true mobile banking involves the ability to keep track of account activity. You might find out about a low balance or another detail through the Web or through a specific application that you download. Another outstanding benefit is in the continuing improvement of security. While some people may think that this is actually a disadvantage, the truth is that mobile banking is very secure. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that bank data is carefully guarded by passwords and individual identification checks.

Mobile banking has grown significantly in recent years, especially since about 2007. One of the reasons for the widespread use is the absence of added fees. You can use mobile banking with iOS or Android devices, contact a bank call centre with your mobile device, and locate the nearest ATM or banking centre while you’re on the move.


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