ABC News: Prime Suspect of Multi-million Dollar Fraud Syndicate

ABC News Prime Suspect of Multi-million Dollar Fraud Syndicate

Who is Mick Featherstone?

Mick Featherstone is a former Queensland police detective who worked till 1996. Recently he appeared in a Brisbane court as he was allegedly charged with a multi-million dollar fraud syndicate and the Gold Coast drug bust worth $20,000 which was also disappeared. In his investigation, Zach Featherstone has reported that after leaving the police service Mick Featherstone became a prominent Gold Coast private detective, who was also specialized in reputation management and corporate work. After this incidence as Featherstone’s was a private investigator, hislicense was suspended last year by Queensland Office of Fair Trading with another matter in the court. Soon Zach Featherstone Queensland who was a former detective of Queensland police and investigator of the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) stated that Mick Featherstone Upper Coomera home was raidedon a beautiful morning of Wednesdaywho was survived by his wife and son were also charged and taken into custody.

What is the latest update on ABC regarding Mick Featherstone?

  • Recently, ABC has disclosed about the arrest of the detective-turned-Gold Coast private investigator that has done fraud of multi-million dollar scam.It also gave few information regarding the latest development ofthe two-year joint operation between the CCC and police anti-bikieTaskforce

  • The Code-named Lima Violin II, which is one of the most significant investigations in the crime and corruption watchdog’s history, had also come into the limelight when the CCC and police allegedthat Mr. Featherstone was one of the masterminds behind the sophisticated syndicate peddling which happened to be known as sports betting site. Till now this prediction software has defrauded many people around the country that is worth millions of dollars.
  • The CCC executive director of crime Kathleen Florian said that later in the investigation by Zach Featherstone it was stated that few directors are senior employees of a private investigation firm were also involved in this fraud scam who were charged against the community by some different companies and schemes.
  • ABC in September 2014 also revealed that the private investigatorand three Gold Coast-based companies were also linked to him as he runsboiler rooms with gambling software and other investment schemes which promised Australian people with a cold call stating if they invested in their packages would get high returns. Not aware about the scam unknowingly hundreds bought the software which cost around tens of thousands of dollars. If you want more details about this fraud, then visit the official website of ABC.
  • The Alleged victims of the syndicate soon complained about the “Phoenix” companies which were selling the software that it had suddenly closed.It will take some more time to restart the companies under another business name which was a scam.However, in an interview head of the CCC, Ken Levy stated that single boiler room investment is worth $100 million. A spokesman of CCC said to ABC last year that the investigation is still going on and all the sixalleged victims including Featherstone’s wife Zoei Charissa Keong 32 andson Zach Michael Featherstone 21 are filed against money laundering along with Travis Burch 36 and Robert John Doueihi 34. Both the Kirsty Maria Lester 39 and Daniel Philip Webb 32were charged with fraud only.


For more news regarding Mick Featherstone multi-million dollar scam keep tracking ABC and Zach Featherstone who is also a police investigator of Queensland. You can also advantage the subscription packages of ABC which is a digital newspaper offered at an affordable price available on your tablet, PC and mobile device.

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