Why to buy a Air Compressors?

What is an air compressor? Well the word might sound really complicated but if you think about it, they are extremely simple machines. What they do is feature a forceful electric engine which congests the air into a storage tank. And when this air which is compressed is released, the pressure developed by it produces a gale force of air which is capable of stimulating pneumatic tools (also called air tools). These air tools have much more advantages as compared to electric power tools. They are easy to use because they have more power and torque, more durability, compared to convention power tools.

The features are PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), Tank Size and Horsepower. You can vary these factors while buying the tool as per your requirement. Well, if the PSI of the compressor will be higher, then the air can be compressed more easily and in the wider way. Hence, always choose a compressor with high PSI. Further, if you are actually going to fulfill a huge task with the tool, then with the PSI you also need to have a high CFM rate. Lastly, the horsepower and tank size should also be large in measurement, then only you can buy a Best Air compressor for your task.

The basic fundamental principle of this instrument is that it uses atmospheric air. A valve draws in the atmospheric air into the compressor. The piston, vane, or impeller automatically pulls in more air through a narrow space. In the narrow tank, the pulled air adds to the quantity of the atmospheric air. The pressure is raised automatically. Then this air is drawn out and is used for different works. The simplest example of air compressor with which we are familiar is of a bicycle pump. It is the most typical example of this principle.

The air compressors have brought a revolutionary change in the world. It has made our work much easier and has given a new angel to work. It has lead to inventions of many useful things without which one cannot imagine their lives. If you want to buy the best air compressor then better check air compressor reviews online so that you are not cheated with branding and promotion of any company and you can rateaircompressors available online.

After buying a Air compressor, many safety measures are to be taken for its proper working. It produces a lot of heat, which needs to be controlled. This waste heat can be cooled by installing proper air cooling system. Also the compressor should be ASME certified. In industries or big job sites roll cages should be there to protect them. Lubricating the oil based compressors, not exceeding the pressure on the machine, getting rid of the unnecessary moisture and using proper equipments can help in keeping them in good condition. Then they can be used for a long time.

In 10,000 BC, man first used the compressed air. Ancient men used it by blowing on embers to fire, so we can say that human lungs with the capacity of 100 1/min and pressure of 0.02 – 0.08 bar (g) were the first Air Compressors. Primitives knew the capability of compressed air very well and used it for hunting wild animals by darts and blowpipes.


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