What’s Next After Buying An Amazon Seller Account?


It is no secret that one can buy an Amazon seller account. As a matter of fact, many sites allow such transactions, and an excellent example is buyamzaccounts.com. Therefore, purchasing one doesn’t have to be a daunting task. However, how to proceed upon buying the account remains a mystery to many people. That’s understandable since the ownership shifts from the seller to the buyer. There is no need to worry because the process is usually a breeze. Several things need updating. Once done, you will become the new owner fully. We will look at these things so that you can work on them once you buy one.

Things to Update After Buying an Amazon Seller Account

You will be surprised to learn the unique information that distinguishes various Amazon seller accounts. That’s what you need to update upon buying such an account. Upon doing so, one immediately becomes the owner as far as Amazon is concerned. They include;

  • Account name: You want your account name to reflect in Amazon’s database.
  • Email address: The buyer also needs to update the email address. It is important to note that Amazon will use this email address to communicate to the new account owner, now you. Therefore, one needs to be keen, or else they will never get any communication from Amazon.
  • Bank account details: Remember that you are buying an Amazon seller account to make money. Once you make money, Amazon will have to deposit it into your bank account.

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  • Charging Method: Which method will Amazon use to charge seller fees? You are the one to facilitate that by updating your credit information. The credit card should be internationally chargeable.
  • Login Information: Once you buy an amazon seller account from a site such as com, you should get the respective login credentials. For safety purposes, ensure that you change the username and password.
  • Tax Details: Last but not least is the tax information. Amazon seller account ownership won’t be complete until you update your tax information. It can either be a social security number or a tax identification number.

Final Words

The above information is essential in identifying one’s Amazon seller account. It ensures that only the right person receives the proceeds of the sales. Additionally, it ensures that the owner gets any information that Amazon may wish to share. Login details are also necessary when accessing your account. Other details revolve around taxes, account names, and charging methods.