What People Should Know Before Getting A Credit Card

What People Should Know Before Getting A Credit Card

A credit card is a piece of plastic, it’s 3.37 inches in width and 53.98 in height. It has a chip and it provides extra credit to people that want to pay via credit card. Its credit varies per credit card owner, there are various types of credit cards per credit card company and has been the main driver in the “cashless” revolution.

Having a credit card is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing in a sense that you can always pay for it in various stores. Small, convenient and a curse because you will be prone to overspending that might cause you to have some serious financial debts. So if you are planning to get an additional credit card or a new credit card, you need to remember these things below.

The credit limit: When you search for a credit card, it’s not just about just getting any credit card, if you plan to do some shopping frenzy with your credit card, it will rely greatly on your credit limit. The credit limit varies from user to user, for the reason that credit limit is determined by your credit score. If this is your first time getting a credit card, since you have a low credit score, you will need to build it up in order to get higher credit limits in the future. This is the same with multiple credit card owners. But it doesn’t mean that credit limits are the same with various credit card companies, look for one that can offer you a higher credit limit.

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Has more perks: The good thing about owning a credit card aside from cashless transaction are the perks, like a discount, free stuff and so on. These perks can greatly affect your shopping, leisure and dining experience in a positive way, adding more value to your spending. if you are going to spend and you will with your credit card, at least get one that gives more value for your money.

Low fees: If you plan to get another card or a new card, make sure that you also compare the fees like interests, annual fees and so on. These fees are a pain since they are pretty hefty even if the charge is annual. So before you get a card, make sure that you do some credit card shopping first and not just go for the one that has the best perks or higher credit limits, also go with the lesser fees or none!

If you are looking for a credit card, there are things that people should remember Although credit cards provide this convenience, thee are things that you need to know in getting in one. It doesn’t mean that the credit card being advertised on TV is the best right now, you need to consider your options. It should have higher credit limits, has more perks and with lesser to no fees. If you plan to get a platinum credit card Malaysia, make sure to visit OCBC Bank. They have great selections of credit cards including their platinum. Check it out now.

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