What do we all know about REDCOM design & construction?


A comprehensive general contracting, architectural design, and engineering company, REDCOM Design & Construction LLC is dedicated to offering each client they work with highly interdisciplinary service. Their business is made up of internal architects, engineers, designers, project managers, and work superintendents who are committed to producing solutions that are truly extraordinary. Together, they offer specialised design and construction solutions that go above and beyond the needs of their clients. REDCOM is a New Jersey-based full-service business that specialises in commercial architectural design, engineering, and commercial construction. Redcom approaches every working relationship with loyalty and an unwavering drive for quality, from the very first meeting to the time they hand over the keys. They are aware that dedication on both a personal and professional level is necessary for success. You can depend on them to keep your project on schedule because they are your only point of contact. The fun-loving, innovative team at REDCOM will collaborate with you to stay within your budget and complete the project on schedule. Check more at https://www.redcomllc.com/


Background of REDCOM:

A base made of concrete- The origin of REDCOM may be traced back to Greg Redington, our current owner. We have a strong sense of tradition. We’re a second-generation commercial general contracting firm with internal experts in architecture, engineering, project management, construction, and interior design. REDCO was founded in 1982.

  • Developing our new name- We expanded our vision, our work, and our name after twenty-eight years of success under the moniker REDCO. We at REDCOM are prepared to take on bigger and more complex tasks. We have the resources to give your visions shape, whether they involve hospitals, office and professional buildings, sports facilities, car dealerships, private schools, universities, or pharmaceutical facilities.
  • Upcoming construction- We are now creating the plans for future projects that will be even larger. As you’ve come to expect from REDCOM, our team is dedicated to creating the architecturally sound commercial, institutional, medical, educational, and industrial buildings. We’re now prepared to advance the situation. We’re working to offer a high-end design focus that is more methodical. At every step of the building process, from concept to completion, trees to keys, we’re here to support you.
  • Land Purchase- The saga of REDCOM, however, is not over yet. As of right now, REDCOM and the sales team are working to buy property, design a building for it, and locate a client for the project.