The Growing Number of Companies in Leasing of Printer

The Growing Number of Companies in Leasing of Printer

The printer is one of the essential devices that every company needs. All the staff can use it in the office for printing documents, scanning, photocopying, and even receiving and sending a fax message. But most of the companies do not have a printer that they own. That is because the new technology is always fast approaching, and if they bought and get a brand new printer now, its value may obsolete in 3 – 5 years after purchasing.

We all heard about the house rentals, and car rentals, but doesn’t know much that some office equipment is ready to be leased also. Today, many companies came out and did the business of leasing their printer. Leasing is a contractual agreement of both the lessee and the lessor for the use of issued assets. Printer rentals are when you borrow a printer from the provider. This kind of service has terms and conditions applied, and it includes paying rent for the use of the printer.

There are many advantages when you rent a printer than to own one. Here is the list of benefits when you have a rented a printer :

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  • Cost Savings – In leasing printers, the money that you will pay is not that big due to its installment fee condition. It conserves more money than to pay a huge amount in an instant.
  • Maintenance – Most rented printers have free technical support from the provider. It is written on the contract. It includes changing of defective parts, cleaning the printer, preventive maintenance, and also providing some spare toners for replacement when the toners reached its low or empty state.
  • Value – If you buy a printer today, its value will depreciate in a year or two, and you will have it replaced. And it was another waste of money. That’s why leased printers are cost-efficient. It’s because you can use it in the long run. It will keep your business running and don’t have to draw another huge amount of money.
  • Life Span – Every device also has a productive life span. When it reached its full capacity, it will break down for good. If you own the printer, you will throw it away or have it repaired, but you need to pay the price of almost a brand new printer for the broken parts that need to be replaced. When you rented it, all you have to do is to return it and rent anew or just end the contract.

The choice of the company of renting, like lease printer sydney, and print technology has a significant effect on the cost of the operation, printer machine, and maintenance of the printer. Today, there are a lot of companies and businesses who have already considered leasing printer that is needed for business operations.

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