Qualities of the Most Competent Translator

Qualities of the Most Competent Translator

Translation is both a skill and a talent. It’s only someone who has an inborn drive, and competency can master and fluently speak in two different languages. It will surprise you to realize that even bilingual experts find it tough to translate a text into another language. In selecting a translation services provider for your project, here are the core qualifications you have to make sure your chosen translator possesses.

Language Competence

Having competence and eloquence in your native language and the foreign language is crucial for you to have relaxed text translation moments. You need to have a strong knowledge of cultural context to efficiently and accurately translate a text. As well, you must have a keen eye on details to be able to detect every ambiguity, nuance, irony, and even humor in the text to make a perfect translation.

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Great Copywriting Skills  

Translation is more of a writing skill than a bilingual expertise. It’s not impracticable to find people who are good at speaking and writing in two different languages being unable to create engaging translation copies. It’s as well not hard to find someone who has an average knowledge of two different languages crafting the best translation texts ever. If you’re a good writer, you can deliver the best translation services even if you haven’t familiarized yourself with your preferred languages well. So, it’s advisable to select a translator that possesses amazing copywriting skills.

Specialty Area 

Translation is a broad industry with lots of niches and specialties. In this industry, you will find translators who are good at converting texts and files from one language to the other. You will also find experts who can professionally create a new document from an original piece written in another language. It’s also good to remember that there are professional translators who deal with video and audio translation. Depending on what you want to be translated, look for a translator who specializes in the target specialty.

Disciplined Specialist 

When translating professionally, you must be disciplined in all areas. You have to be disciplined when it comes to meeting order deadlines as well as creating quality and unique content that matches the client’s expectations. And that’s why anyone in search of a good translator should make sure they find the best translators who are self-disciplined and always endeavors to give their clients the best.


These are the unique qualities that define a good content, file, and video translation services provider. There are so many sites that provide a platform for translators to showcase their skills and expertise, one of which is GoTranscript. This is an internationally reputed company that helps connect those looking to get their content and files translated with professional translators.

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