Purpose Of Green Burial Singapore

Purpose Of Green Burial Singapore

What does a “green burial” mean in Singapore?

In the context of Singapore, a “Green Burial” is the disposition of the deceased’s cremated remains in a lovely natural setting with no time restriction on storage. The deceased’s cremated remains will either be scattered directly into the ground or buried by placing a bio-urn amid plants (such as trees, bushes, or flowers) and letting the bio-urn organically degrade. The Crypt Burial System (CBS), storing cremated remains in a columbarium, and sea burial are all alternatives to the green burial singapore approach. For the provision of burials in Singapore, a multicultural country, Green Burial is a practical and dignified method that includes all facets of sustainable development, including those related to the environment, society, culture, economy, and psychology.

Why a green funeral?

Problems with Land Scarcity and Land Use

green burial singapore

Green Burial offers an alternative to cemetery burials and the currently most popular practice of keeping cremated remains in niches when resources are running out, and there is a lack of available land for burial. Through green burial, the deceased’s cremated remains will be interred in the ground either directly or by placing bio-urns in predetermined areas. Once an urn declines, the same place will be used again, allowing for environmentally responsible land reuse.

Mission and goal

We envision

  • The provision of an ecological burial option as a means of promoting land conservation.
  • Respect the cycles of life, death, and renewal that occur naturally.
  • To give our loved ones a straightforward, reasonable burial option while maintaining the environment’s beauty and natural purity.

Our Purpose

  • To offer green burial as a more eco-friendly option to Singapore’s current burial customs.
  • Educate the public about green burial’s essential, easy-to-understand benefits, environmental values, and land use and conservation.
  • To promote green burial by giving people information and resources that might motivate them to think about their options before death strikes and to make informed plans based on their beliefs and preferences.

Final Reflections

Green Burial has the potential to develop into a workable alternative to traditional burial in Singapore as it gradually gains popularity and acceptance among the populace.

In addition to offering a relatively novel and creative way of using land, the concept of green burial offers a remedy for the paucity of land for burials.

However, since dying is a deeply personal matter, consideration must be given to how to best promote and win acceptability for green burial in Singapore.