Get Started HK

1.    introduction

 It is not that easy to change the company name in Hong Kong becausr once you get registered with the Hong Kong business registry then you have to do and follow certain rules and regulations then only you can change your company name. and if you don’t know anything about that kind of rules and regulations and moreover if you are a first timer then you have to take support from someone else in changing name. if you are looking for such kind of services visit the site Get Started HK where they provide all this kind of services such as changing company name or director appointment or resignation and various other things are taking care by them. the simple thing that you have to do is visit their company and submit all your documents rest they will take care that is they will change your company name and they decrease this load and burden over you .so it would be beneficial for you

Get Started HK

 Looking for best taxation as well as accounting advisors at your place

  • many businessman’s does not know how to regulate as well as taxation if they are running it large scale business. if the business is small scale they can regulate everything on their own but once you keep on expanding your business it would be very difficult for you to control both taxation as well as accounting. In such circumstances you need a better advisor who will provide you all these kind of services
  • If you are looking for such kind of advisors then visit the site Hong Kong company setup where they provide you the best accounting services, auditing services, profit tax in Hong Kong, salary tax in Hong Kong as well as budgets that is annual budgets and tax measures are the things which are done by them
  • they also help you to maintain your company in a sophisticated manner by providing you best company security services which is very crucial for a company to have a best secretary as soon as they will register your business address so no one can claim against it and there won’t be any kind of legal issues
  • If you are new to the Hong Kong and you don’t know how to open bank account in Hong Kong they will do that so that the simple thing that you have to do is you have to take an appointment from them and they provide you with the best customer services so that you can start your company within 12 hours. which will save your money as well as time.