Lesser known facts about Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Merkel commonly known as Angela Merkel is a famous politician in Germany and currently serving as the Chancellor of Germany since 2005. She joined the office on 22 November 2005 and before that Angela was the leader of CDU (Christian Democratic Union) since 10 April, 2000.

Angela was the elder child of her parents Horst Kasner, a native of Berlin and a Lutheran pastor, and Herlind, a Latin and English teacher. Her two younger siblings Marcus Kasner and Irene Kasner are in the medical line and working as physicist and therapist. Angela Merkel was born on 17 July, 1954 in Hamburg city of West Germany. Angela was popular among his peers as “Kasi” that was derived from her surname Kasner. Angela along with his family moved to East Germany from West Germany when show was infant. Angela was a research scientist by profession and also doctorate in physical chemistry.  Angela entered politics during the Revolutions of 1989 in East Germany. She was elected as the spokesperson of East German Government that was headed by Lothar de Maiziere.

Angela was working in the office of The Federal Chancellor of East Germany. If you are seeking any type of help from her side, then you can contact the office staff members of the politician at Angela Merkel office address. Check out some of the interesting and lesser-known facts about the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

Interesting facts about chancellor of Germany – Angela Merkel

  • Since last 10 years, Angela Merkel was ranked first in the list of most powerful women by Forbes magazine. Also in the list of “The World’s Most Powerful Persons” she ranked second twice after Vladimir Putin by Forbes. It is the highest ranking ever achieved by a woman.
  • In 2005, Angela was named as the Chancellor of the Free World and Leader of the Free World by Time’s magazine.
  • As of 2014, in European Union Angela was the longest service incumbent head of government.
  • Angela can also speak French language which she learned from her school and was also awarded for her skills in mathematics and French.
  • Angela had a serious fear of dogs, as in 1995 she was attacked by a dog. As Vladimir Putin also know about this phobia of the chancellor and in a meeting, he brings his large sized dog.
  • During the Merkel’s inauguration as a chancellor in 2005, her husband Joachim Sauer was not available in the ceremony as he hates publicity.
  • Some of you might shocked after hearing that during her college years, Merkel was supposed to work as a bartender at disco clubs.
  • In an interview with Bunte magazine, she smoked around a packet of cigarettes in a single day.
  • Angela Merkel married twice but she has no children. Angela is the step-mother of her second husband’s two sons Daniel and Adrian.
  • She is the first female chancellor of Germany and since last 12 years she holds this position. Many of us wants to contact the politician but did not know the exactly way. Angela Merkel email address is the best contact way to contact him.

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