Do you think your team needs an extra training? If your people are not performing at their best when it comes to emails or reports, and proposals are not satisfactory, then your internal operations would need a refresher. Your team’s end-product should be well written and easy to understand because if not, your brand will suffer. Good thing that you can change that overnight.

Vikki Maver of Refresh Marketing is offering a one-day business writing course which promises a huge change with your team’s writing. Your success will depend on how your team works. Satisfactory results will end up with satisfied customers. If poor writing is plaguing your team and your business, you just need a little push. Refresh Marketing can help you pave your way to success.

Meet Vikki Maver.

Vikki Maver is a content writer, business copywriter, a marketer, a writing skill trainer and a Former Monash University lecturer. She has been a freelance copywriter since 2003. Since 2008, Vikki started running writing skills workshop to help other businesses to improve their writing skills. She believes that helping others become more confident and competent in writing is rewarding.

What to Expect?

            In just one day, your team will be effective and confident writers. This training is focused on plain English writing. The practical techniques that your team will learn through this course will help them write clear, simple and concise content. Your team would be able to focus on their audience. It is also important to learn how to plan, draft, edit and proofread their works before it is submitted. This course will help your team focus on writing with an impact and influence that would be very interesting to the readers.

The Training Process.

    Through the workshop, the training process will be interactive and practical. Refresh Marketing will tailor fit your training with what your organization needs. There’s no need to go anywhere since the training will be in your office and you can choose the date that would be convenient for you and your team. The fees will be a fixed amount for up to 15 attendees.

Training Guarantee. 

            Refresh Marketing has been in this training business since 2008 and has achieved success since then. Vikki Maver guarantees you with her years of experience your team will get the best training that they need. According to her previous clients, the team that she handles will definitely be ready for the next day after the training. Your investment is guaranteed. If you think that your people did not receive the training that you promised, Refresh Marketing will not let you pay any amount.

Why Choose Vikki Maver? 

            If you are in need of writing skills training, there are a lot of options to choose from. However, Vikki Maver from Melbourne has received outstanding reviews and feedbacks from her previous clients. What makes her stand out from the others is her drive to help other people to become better. Since she is a very good writer, she made it a point to share what she knows with other writers and aspiring writers. She’s a professional but very easy to work with. It’s her goal to help other businesses steer clear of poor quality content and help them reach their goals towards success.

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