Get the best Choices in getting the Mortgages Done

If there are still issues when checking the file, this often causes a delay. You should think of an unregistered BKR registration or study debt. A ground lease contract or a different valuation report can also cause extra questions from the money provider. Openness and a good inventory of the adviser are therefore crucial for a quick mortgage application.

Go for energy-saving measures

With multiple lenders it is possible to finance energy-saving facilities through the mortgage under certain conditions. That may be up to 106 percent (instead of 101 percent) of the home value. So efficient central heating, insulation, doubles glazing or solar panels can help you get a higher mortgage. The money must be demonstrably spent on energy-saving measures. It is wise to be properly informed about the possibilities by a mortgage adviser. The Mortgages London support can really offer a great deals.

Take out a mortgage with NHG

If you buy a home up to € 245,000, you are eligible for the   National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) . You will then receive a discount on the interest, which means your monthly payments will be lower. You do pay a one-off 1% of the mortgage amount as a commission. However, due to the lower interest rate, you can quickly earn back this.

Look beyond the center of major cities

Especially in the big cities, there is a shortage of starter homes and house prices are increasing. In a smaller municipality or on the outskirts of a city you can often buy much larger properties for a smaller price.

Find a flexible mortgage provider

There can be many factors that make it harder to get a mortgage. For example if you are a self-employed person or flexible worker. Fortunately, more and more lenders are relaxing their rules in this regard. Get informed by an independent mortgage advisor. He or she can look for a mortgage with favorable conditions for you.

Stick to your budget

Finally, a tip for your wallet: don’t let yourself get caught up in the madness on the housing market and stick to the budget that you have planned. Once you have found your dream house, it can be very tempting to offer a few thousand euros more than you originally intended to secure the house. Remember that you can get into trouble if you use up all your savings or if you get monthly payments that are actually too high for you. It is better to take a closer look, there will automatically be a new fantastic home on your path!

Hurrying is rarely good

This saying also applies to a mortgage application. So don’t be put under pressure by the selling broker or a possible rising interest rate. All too often hasty decisions lead to more delays and major risks.

Consequences for delays

The final agreement is an important moment when applying for a mortgage. It means the mortgage is complete. If that final agreement is not or too late, then this has major (financial) consequences for the customer:

  • In the worst case, the purchase is canceled and the customer is left with a fine of 10% of the purchase price.

Or the customer is tied to an unfavorable mortgage contract for a new period.

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