Cigna Insurance Company, a True Protector of What You Value

There is nothing that gives you a peace of mind and security for your finances than Cigna Insurance Company and their diverse health products that guarantees you a fulltime protection even in occurrence of unfortunate events. The company gives a comprehensive health care insurance in Hong Kong tailored to suit your needs. The traditions, heritage, and culture within the company and the products offered to the market to cater for various healthcare issues are reliable, affordable, and top-notch to suit our clients’ needs. What I have learnt and can confess is there is no better way to protect what you value than through Cigna.

What Cigna Insurance Company stands for

Over the years of existence, the company has established itself as a brand trusted by masses whether individuals, companies, and businesses through ensuring that they make them enjoy well-designed, unique and valuable insurance cover products. The company has become known for being innovative and creating industry benchmarks in Hong Kong. Cigna has several firsts to its name as credit including offering comprehensive healthcare insurance in Hong Kong tailored to suit your needs. Their approach to insurance is definitive and always progressing towards creating quality, simple, and innovative solutions.

In my entire life and interaction with Cigna Insurance Company, I can tell you that I have never encountered any unique products and a passionate and genuine team of distributors, i.e., both brokers and external agents like those of Cigna. A visit to their offices at 15/F, 28 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong you will be treated to a dedicated in-house sales team of over so many business consultants or call them financial advisors who genuinely believe in the company and its products. If I said, the company intends to be a recognized leader and the most preferred provider of insurance services in Hong Kong I would be wrong because they already are. I have seen them serve their clients, stakeholders, community, and society in general through their provision of comprehensive and responsive Insurance solutions. That’s what they stand for.

Cigna Health First Elite Medical Plan

This product is one of the firsts which I told you about earlier, and it offers a medical cover which is comprehensive and global without any time limit. The plan gives individuals up to HKD 38.8M annual limits. With the plan, you are cushioned against unexpected colossal hospital expenses and also accorded a chance to receive the best medical care services and treatment in the best health facilities.

Features of this incredible Medical Plan

It has an unlimited lifetime, and this means that you can subscribe to it and remain protected and be receiving best of care for your whole life. The package comes with other variety of hospital and surgical benefits such as getting hospitalized cashless once it is approved and 38,800,000 HKD annual limit.

The subscriber also gets an opportunity to modify their insurance plan to serve and suit his preferences such as deciding on accommodation room types, annual deductibles or contributions, geographical options. The subscriber also has the freedom to select optional provisions or riders such as;

  • outpatient
  • pharmacy
  • premium waiver due to cancer
  • dental
  • maternity
  • deductible discount

The Global medical services network has over 7,000 health providers who work collaboratively with Cigna HealthFirst Elite and accessible 24/7 globally through a Hotline. This plan is an all-around and comprehensive healthcare service you can trust and rely on here in Hong Kong and wherever you go. Please come and enjoy all these benefits by subscribing today and if you join together with your children, you will get a premium discount of up to 50% on your policy.

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