Bitcoin trading: A walkthrough

Bitcoin trading A walkthrough

The latest news says the value of Bitcoin has increased several times its original value from the date of creation. So, as we all are curious to find out the end-to-end process of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and transaction there are many others who have started trading in them. This article is an insight or the basic and most fundamental knowledge provider on how to start trading in Bitcoin.

what is cryptocurrency 

The basic rules would be:

  • Setting up trading accounts
  • Identifying quality traders
  • Acquiring best equipments and sites
  • Moving the profits to cold storage

Trading accounts: Selecting the best swaps to trade can make an immense difference and help you make much money than losing it. Some of the best trading accounts are Coinbase, Bitfinex, and Poloniex.

  • Coinbase is the easiest and trustable digital medium for an average individual to get began with digital currencies. Bitfinex is a reliable platform for active traders and they top the trading volumes. Poloniex is new, yet gained popularity in a few days.
  • On top of everything, you cannot make your exchange medium your bank. So no matter you choose the best platform make it essential to move your currencies to cold storage.

Charting tools: To make your trade active and keep yourself updated then you are in a place to utilize the best charting equipments for analyzing and making it handy. It has charting and order execution for all the important digital currencies and exchanges you make.

  • The best fact about Coinigy is that it comes in desktop as well as in mobile so that you can carry it around and be updated on the exchanges that take place. A must-have tool if you wish to become an active trader.

Cold storage: The disclaimer would be, never trust exchanges and make them your bank. And to avoid that you can shift your storage to a medium that is safe and not connected to the internet. For example, Trezor, which is a hardware Bitcoin wallet with ultimate security.

Trading community: The trading medium is the most important of all the steps you take, you are advised to take up the training and perform the activity every day to know more about it and master it.  For a profitable Bitcoin trading, you need more insight and effective management skills, for which you can always look out for the courses or tutorials and equip yourself as a trader in this field.

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