Use Sales Funnel to UP your Business

Internet marketing is the process of promoting brands, products or services on the internet. It deals with creating and placing advertisements throughout the stages of customer engagement cycle. Internet marketing or online marketing combines the technical and creative aspects of the World Wide Web such as creating, designing, development and sales. We are going to discuss about the marketing and sales aspect by creating a sales funnel by using the sales funnel template.

The sales funnel is a tool for internet marketing. A sales funnel also known as purchase funnel is the visual representation of different stages of customer’s journey. Everyone who has an online business needs to use the sales funnel template to convert his website visitors into paying customers. No time and money is wasted to sell the product to people who are not interested in buying the product. Sales funnel is awesome because it guides the customers in a step– by- step process- from the first time he hears about you, until the moment, he becomes a repeated customer.

The sales funnel is divided mainly into four stages- awareness, interest, decision and action. Awareness- here the customer realizes his problem and starts searching for solutions. This constitutes the majority of customers but not all of them reach until the last stage i.e. action.

Interest- here customers search actively for their solutions. They start showing interest in your product or service and follow you on social media. In this stage, the number of customers decreases.

Decision- at this stage the customers make the decision to purchase your product and he tries to explore the other packages available in your organization.

 Action- in this last stage, the customer turns into a purchaser.  The customer can become your regular customer or he can suggest your organization to other people.

For creating your sales funnel, you can use the step- by- step sales funnel template-

  1. Collect information about your prospects. What are their problems, goals etc. this will be the content for each stage of the sales funnel.
  2. Create a separate sales funnel for each customer because all customers are unique. They have different problems, different reasons for choosing your product and so on.
  • Reaching out to prospective customers via advertisements, mails etc.
  1. Engaging the prospects consistently with topics they are interested in, indirectly coaxing them to purchase your product for e.g. posting videos, blogs, webinars, newsletters etc.
  2. Webinars, sales calls, emails, one- on- one coaching are conducted to finally, convert them to customers.
  3. There can be leakages in your funnel system by which you can lose your customers. Finding and fixing the leaky funnel ensures prospects to become customers.

The sales funnel has been around since quite some time but since the introduction of online marketing tools, they have become easier to manage. Success of your firm depends on how efficiently the sales funnel is put into practical use. The following factors help in the constant growth of your business- constant checks to improve your services, building a relationship with the customer, learning from prospects and customers and ways to convert your customers into repeated customers. The sales funnel can be helpful in identifying marketing differences and obstacles.

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