Ted Arison Foundation restore the lost hope in Mankind by giving

One of God’s biggest desire is to restore the lost hope of, and it is our responsibility to know how can release this burden by any means possible. The term “burden” is mostly, but it means being determined to carry out something positive. In Greek, it means service or task.

Shari Arison who is also the founder of Ted Arison Family foundation is among the people who have the calling and desire to restore hope to the hopeless. One of the pressing burdens is based on today’s youth vital concerns and social issues. For instance, the accounts and stories about individuals who were are poor, physically abused, experience a particular tragedy in their lifetime and many more are primary concerns in Ted Arison foundation.

A message from Shari Arison to everyone out there is that if you have a passion in doing something helpful at a particular cause to someone or a group of individuals who have encountered a specific tragedy, regardless of your ability, you can still change somebody’s life with the little.

How to execute an Action plan

Your current financial status cannot hinder you from doing remarkable things. First, you should initiate a nonprofit organization like a volunteer food bank, proceed to missions as well as passing out tracts. You can also bring people together by starting a regular bible study.

Based on comprehending how charity organization works in the community, besides the church, it should be about serving everyone with God’s love regardless of their religious or ethnic background. It also involves helping someone with kindness and affection. In other terms, it means serving someone with compassion, goodwill, and gentleness.

Now, this is doing God’s heart or desire because His nature is generous and charitable. Shari Arison also started Ted family foundation because compassion and people’s distressing situation moved her.

Only love can make someone or people start distributing free essentials needs to the poor. It is also what motivates people to maintain faithfulness at any cause and make funds sacrifices and even support it with everything they have within. It is like God also believed in charitable and charity organization.


Charity is merely a way of offering services and goods to the needy without greediness. And it is like God’s objective, and purpose was to motivate individuals to serve those who are in need with love and compassion.

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