What is an Affidavit and How to Use it for Your Business?

Affidavit is a notarized written statement where you put yourself to an oath on what is being written on the paper. It is the same as swearing over the Bible that you will say nothing but the truth in court. In business, people often use general affidavit to testify for themselves when they are being sued. General affidavit can be customized for the different legal circumstances you face in your business. Affidavit is applicable in case where you want the court file to include your statement. With the affidavit, an attorney can represent you at a court hearing.

Affidavit is a legal document but you don’t necessarily have to hire an attorney to craft one. There are different information that need to be included in different affidavits in order for the legal requirements to be fulfilled. If you decide to craft the affidavit yourself, make sure you know what information need to be included. The easiest way to prepare an affidavit is to use the free sample affidavit that is included in the PDF editor like Movavi PDF Editor. The sample affidavit is written by a competent person who are familiar with the law and can be validated like the one crafted by an attorney. Get more details at pdf.movavi.com/general-affidavit-form.html.

The sample affidavit is in the form of a fillable PDF form – which means the form is fillable when opened in a PDF editor. It saves you a lot of hassles, especially if you are someone who make mistakes in writing. Before filling in the affidavit, read it from start to end. Next, you can start entering the needed information in the fields one by one. It only takes a few minutes to fill in the affidavit form. Once you finish filling in the form, ask someone who is experienced to go through the answer you have entered. If everything is correct, you can print out the form and take it to your lawyer to put down the signature.

The affidavit usually sets out the requirements in a few paragraphs. In the beginning, you must state about your knowledge of the facts that you are deposed to. If you are a relative or friend, you will have to state the relationship in the first paragraph. After you have introduced yourself in the first paragraph, you must tell your story about what happened in a simple language. After you finish telling your story, read it again and ask yourself if it is written in a way that is understandable by a stranger.

You can tell your story in 4 paragraphs including application, background, circumstances, and summary. In the application paragraph, you tell the court what you are seeking and also describe the claims that are posed by the applicants. In the background paragraph, you describe your background and the background of the other party for example, age, and date of the court proceeding. In the circumstances paragraph, you describe what happen that causes the other party to file a claim to the court. In the summary paragraph, you draw a conclusion to the position you are standing and repeat again what you are seeking the court to do for you.

All pages in the affidavit are to be numbered. You can attach a photo as evidence to the facts that you attest in the affidavit. Finally, you must take it to the lawyer to have it notarized. The lawyer will ask you whether you understand the content of the affidavit. You can put down your signature after saying that you understand the content of your affidavit. You must provide government issued photos to prove your identity. After the affidavit is signed, make sure you produce at least 4 copies to sent to all the parties involved.

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