Top benefits for buying foreign currency


The world has developed throughout the decades and is continually evolving. We face a daily reality such that we can arrange anything on the web. From food supplies to garments, from a taxi administration to obtaining a house. Things being what they are, the reason not purchase forex online as well? Outside trade is definitely not another issue yet the puzzle encompassing it has not been unwound yet. Here are the motivations to Buy Forex Online at best currency rates:

A wide assortment of monetary forms and items:

We convert the Rupee (INR) into 24 unique monetary forms and the other way around and offer a full exhibit of forex items for every money.

Easy to utilize web interface:

 So as to oblige individuals from varying backgrounds, our site is organized in an exceptionally basic manner. Our intuitive gateway furnishes you with all the data about outside trade decides and guarantees that your request is reserved flawlessly as per every single pertinent law and guidelines.

Live Currency Exchange Rates:

Without precedent for India, you presently can trade outside cash at live rates. The rates on our site are associated with live showcase information feeds and update at regular intervals.


Facility to Freeze Exchange Rates: enables you to solidify (hinder) the live rates that you see on our site at any moment. Along these lines you’re shielded from market vacillations. When you are finished choosing the rate you want, you can secure that rate by paying a 2% refundable sum on the web.

Ability to benefit secured trade rates for 3 days:

BookMyForex gives you a lot of time to finish your request. After your book the rates, you can move the assets inside 3 days and still get the live and incredible rates that you booked your request at.

Convenient Door Delivery Options:

BookMyForex offers free entryway conveyances for requests. We additionally offer entryway conveyance for an ostensible charge of Rs. 100 for requests under Rs. 50,000 in worth.

Large system of administration areas:

Book your request on the web and complete your request at one of a few hundred BookMyForex or Axis Bank offices the nation over. Through our select tie-ups we can support clients all through the length and broadness of India.

Fantastic arrangements on extra benefits:

BookMyForex goes past outside trade and gives you extraordinary arrangements on movement related items, for example, travel protection and global considering cards all so as to guarantee that you get the best items that issue to you at the best esteem.

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