Tips for Working From Home

Have you just landed your dream job that allows you to work from home? No doubt you’re excited about the prospect of ditching the morning commute, bag lunches and office politics. If current company has offered you the opportunity to work from home, you most likely have a pretty clear idea of the responsibilities and expectations. If you’ve joined a new company, prepare for a learning curve. Some of the most difficult challenges for those working from home are maintaining self-motivation, avoiding distractions and dealing with the isolation. Once you’ve come to terms with those issues and are committed to working from home, it’s time to set up a home office. Follow these recommendations from professional remote workers to ensure your work from home job is a huge success.

The first step is to identify an area in your home for your home office. If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare room or even a guest room, you have more than half the battle covered. Otherwise, select an area that is removed from the traffic of family members. Avoid the temptation to simply lounge on the sofa with your laptop. This is not a recipe for success.  A large table or desk will be the most productive for working from home. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the quality desk accessories available from Things Remembered. Task lighting and a comfortable desk chair are the final basics to cover for a productive home office.

Finally, commit to starting work at roughly the same time each day and winding down at roughly the same time each evening. Resist the urge to check emails and work through the evening. You will produce higher quality work during traditional office hours if you’ve established the self-discipline to balance personal and family time with work responsibilities. Best of luck to you on your new career working from home. The rewards far exceed the challenges!


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