Tips for Creating an Effective Advertisement

Every entrepreneur has the goal of creating the perfect advertisement that will engage audiences and keep their attention. While you will need a sound concept for your ad film along with the services of a great video production house, here are some tips for creating a great commercial.

  • Break the pattern

The attention spans of most people especially the younger ones are shrinking. It will be very hard for you to get people to notice your ad unless you go out and break the pattern. There has to be the use of a contrasting pivot on which the ad hinges.

  • Avoid being boring

You should ask yourself if you genuinely enjoy the advertisement. A lot of times, organizations get caught up in the process where everyone has to approve every single thing and in the process all the exciting bits are scrapped. Ensure that your ad is fun, engaging and relevant to the target audience.

  • The all- important first 3 seconds

People today are inundated by repetitive messages and long form storylines and the endless rambling on tend to make them switch off after the first 3 seconds. This effectively means that you have just 3 precious seconds to make an impression on the mind of your target audience. The first 3 seconds are key to engagement or disengagement.

  • Using influencers

If you use an influencer for the particular industry you want to target, it adds to the credibility and sets up a memorable visual for the product being advertised. People are interested in knowing if the ones they admire approve of the product or the brand.

  • A compelling story

As stated earlier, the viewers of today have a very short attention span. To get their attention you need to tell them a very compelling story. This will hook them in and keep their attention for the length of the advertisement. Rather than an advertisement, think of creating a short film.

  • Build Brand Awareness

To have an impact on the audience of today, you need to stand apart from the crowd and make an original statement about your brand. You need to remember tat the young viewers of today have grown up with computer games, big budget cinema and social media. They will be more receptive to an image rather than words. Hence think long and hard on how you should present your brand.

  • Use a memorable jingle

A tagline that is humorous and memorable will set you apart from the rest of the advertisers. You can use catchy jingles that are short and sweet, those which are easy to remember and fun to hum. You could also use an icon that will represent a certain subject matter so that audiences can draw the connection.

  • Be Authentic

The key element is authenticity. If your ad is not authentic people will tend to dismiss it out of hand. The story of your product needs to be engaging and original.

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