Things to consider while deciding quel transpalette Choisir

Pallet jacks are one of the most crucial equipment in a warehouse or an inventory room. They are used to lift the pallets and then move it from one place to another while organizing them. They are either manual or automatic and has a fork in front which is used to lift the pallet and handle in the back which is used for maneuvering. These pallet jacks help in keeping pallets on the shelves, load and unload them from vans and trucks, etc. One needs to pay attention to many characteristics if the pallet jack the right one.

Some of the things to consider while thinking of quel transpalette Choisir are mentioned below.


Each and every pallet truck has its own load capacity and therefore one should check this feature before buying. The load capacity of the pallet truck should match the weight of the pallets that are to be organized and moved. If the load capacity will be low in comparison then one may end up damaging and breaking the fork of the jack.

Fork dimension

The pallet truck should have proper fork length otherwise it can be a big problem in maneuvering. The fork length if too small then it will be incapable of supporting the pallets and also if the fork length is too long then it may not be able to balance the weight of the pallet properly causing breakage of the fork. Also having a long fork means it will take up a lot of space to be turned around or moved in space scarce warehouse.

Weight of the pallet jack

Many times a pallet truck is to be used inside a truck or van, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the overall weight of the jack. Also one should consider the combined weight if the pallets and the jack itself before buying one.

Wheels and handle

The wheels should be made up of high-quality material so that it can be used for a longer time period. Also, it should be made of such material which can be moved on any surface so as to make the maneuvering easy and smooth.

Height ability

Every pallet truck should have a proper height ability so that it can be raised till a certain height. Make sure that the pallet truck can be raised properly and also if it can bear the weight along with it as well. This will allow one to organize pallets on the higher shelves.

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