The Importance of Communication in Business Growth for Entrepreneurs

The Importance of Communication in Business Growth for Entrepreneurs

Communication plays a vital role when it comes to the growth and the development of a business. However, entrepreneurs only focus on the speaking aspect of the communication process. They do not focus on the listening part that has the ability to build solid relationships.  David Kerr III is an esteemed entrepreneur and a strategist in the FX market in the USA. He has invaluable experience in the above and is known for his exemplary leadership, financial management and business skills. He says that when it comes to the communication process in business, it is important for you to really lay emphasis on the speaking and listening part of the whole process. This ensures you get the best for the development of your business and build solid relationships with your associates.

Understanding the essence of the communication process

The communication process consists of both speaking and listening. This is the reason why it is crucial for you to understand what your clients, vendors and staff wants. Often you as a business owner might take them for granted and assume certain aspects and things that might be insignificant to you but not to the people you associate yourself with. It is here that you need to be cautious and at the same time sure that there is no ambiguity in your statement and communication with your associates. Good listening skills will help you to understand not only the perspective of the other party but you will also know what they want. If you are providing a service or a product, listening alone will give you the feedback of what people think about your product or service and whether you should make any changes to it or not. Just by listening, you can save a lot of money on promotion and advertising a product or a service that is not doing well in the market.

The Importance of Communication in Business Growth for Entrepreneurs

Oral communication is just as important as written communication

When it comes to oral communication – it is important to work on your presentation and networking skills as well. It is crucial for you to be good with speaking skills and choose words that have a powerful impact.  As an entrepreneur, you will be attending a lot of workshops and seminars.  You will meet many people and network with contacts. Networking requires communication. At the same time, you need to give presentations to your clients and customers so here again it is crucial for you to have good communication skills for your business success and growth. Business correspondence should also be professionally written and conveyed for success.

Improving your communication skills is an everyday affair says David Kerr III for business success and development. Always remember that when you are working on your communication skills, you must ensure that you have the right attitude and approach as well. This will help you in a very long way when it comes to interacting with people and making ever lasting impressions with your clients. Being aware of your weaknesses will also help you work on them. Communication is a vital part of business success and with it you can really take your company to new heights!

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