Selecting Awards: Things You Should Consider

Selecting Awards Things You Should Consider

Any business has awards given out for staff members at least once a year. It is an excellent way of motivating employees and boosting productivity. There are many custom awards and trophies available, so selecting the one that fits your needs may be difficult. There are things you should consider when choosing one.


Establish a budget before you go window shopping for the award you need. There are different awards to suit all price ranges. Make sure you do not spend more than you can afford. Establishing a budget from the offset is an effective way of letting you narrow down your search. Choose something affordable, but not cheaply-made. Cheap awards will not last long and will show a lack of respect for your awardee’s effort.


Make sure the award fits the accomplishment. You will award several achievements throughout your business life. These will all differ on a scale. Make sure the distinction is fitting and will not be under or overboard. It is not suitable to give a costly crystal award for a small accomplishment. It is also not proper to provide a cheaply-made one for great recognition.

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You should also consider the message you want to incorporate on the award. You may want to include the accomplishment, the date, or the name of the person winning the award. Ensure that there is enough room for everything. Your company’s logo is one of the essential things you might want to incorporate. The quality of the engraving is also crucial. It should have smooth lines that are uniform and graceful.


Consider where the awardee will place the award. A sales award is something you want to put on display for everyone to see. A freestanding award you can mount on a large stand and displayed in a lobby will be great for this. 


Fabricated awards can have an endless variety and combination of colors. Make sure you choose the best fit and finish. Ask the manufacturer for a suggestion if you have no idea of what you need.


It would be best if the award can stand the test of time. Look for something that you can display for years and years. The design should be striking and timeless at the same time. Such an award becomes a source of lasting joy and pride for the awardee.

Appreciation is a beautiful thing because it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. That is what Voltaire once wrote. Superior materials signal prestige and long-lasting quality. Hand craftsmanship is a beautiful way to symbolize the recipient’s hard work. The award you choose should be something you and the awardee should be proud of no matter what. The quality of the award also reflects you or your organization. So make sure you consider the above things when choosing an award.

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