Potential of Aptitude Tests to Predict Employee Success


The utility of knowledge and aptitude tests to screen potential job applicants has been a widely used practice in several sectors. Hence, they have become an integral and important part of the whole interview process.

Nowadays, most job vacancies are likely to attract a big pool of potential candidates. Pre-screening of applicants can help in reducing the number of such potential candidates to a more manageable size, who can proceed towards more meticulous screening.


Aptitude tests provide companies a chance to make a more informed decision in the process of hiring.Since there are many candidates applying for a position, it becomes valuable to use tools for a thorough comparison. Many factors are considered by such tests to select the right candidate. The test for aptitude can evaluate the prowess of candidates to reason, solve problems, communicate coherently and interact well as a team member.

With regard to the interview, the tests provide an accurate depiction of the potential of a candidate to find success in the position they are seeking. Various aptitude tests measure various qualities but ultimately, they can provide the interviewer crucial information which cannot be garnered from the interview alone.

 But the aptitude test must be designed keeping in mind, the actual vacancy. It is sensible to ensure knowledge and skills that you are testing are suitable to the position on offer. I f not, the enter exercise will be a waste. By ensuring the correct application of aptitude tests, they can measure actual performance of candidate in a job situation.

Types of Tests

One must consider carefully the content of an aptitude test and how it is delivered. You should consider the test not only from the view of time and cost but also base on suitability to the job on offer.

Main types of tests are:

  • Skill tests:

Generally, they are simple tasks connected to an important area of the job like data entry or typing/ key board using speed.

  • Knowledge tests:

These are formulated to assess how much knowledge that a candidate has about a particular aspect of the job. This type of test must be based on particular topics which are relevant to the job to make sure candidate has relevant knowledge.

  • Ability / cognitive tests

Usually these tests are designed to estimate mental or cognitive ability. Such tests are associated with performance levels. They present candidates with real workplace scenarios and require them to explain what they would do in a particular situation.

  • Personality tests

There exist many types of personality tests, but the most common ones in employment screening measures five basic factors of personality: 1) receptiveness   to experience 2) agreeableness 3) extroversion 4) emotional stability and 5) conscientiousness. Such tests are used often in sales positions and it has been proved that personality testing can be used to estimate performance.

Generally, aptitude tests are delivered in time controlled environment. They may be conducted at a test centre run by a third party who designs and administers a test or at the premises of the employer. They could be paper and pencil tests or online tests. For instance, it is popular to conduct cognitive test online.

These are some aspects about online testing.



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