Online exam conducting systems to support the employers


Online examination systems provided by most of the popular agencies are fully customisable to suit your need. Most of the top-notch educational institutions and corporate companies take the support of online examination conducting agencies to assess their employees or students to reduce the cost and improve the accuracy in valuation.

Most of the online exam conducting companies are aware of local environment and internet connectivity issues and have vast years of experience in conducting online tests based on the needs of the institutions. These agencies have expertise in conducting high stake examinations in the centres all over a country based on the standards of the institutions and corporate companies. Most of the companies have understanding about ground realities in conducting online examinations.

Most of the online exam conducting companies in India have awareness about regional differences and internet connectivity issues and provide unparalleled quality services in providing secure mode of conducting online examinations.

While most of these agencies have comprehensive and unparalleled understanding of region wise differences in infrastructure, internet connectivity issues, also successfully demonstrated adherence to security standards desired for conducting high-stakes examinations on large scale for recruitments.

Most of the companies have own dedicated centres in metropolitan cities, with the state-of-art-infrastructure and a capacity to conduct assessments across several locations in a country at the same time to carry out the recruitment process. With increasing patronage from existing clients and commitments from prospective clients for online examinations for recruitment of employees and assess the existing employees, most of the companies are planning to expand such facilities in the years to come to meet the growing demands in capacities.

The companies that conduct entrance examinations or employee selection exams for the government and private companies are fully aware of the implications of accountability in the context of conducting accurate assessment to recruit efficient staff for various firms.


Most of the online examination conducting agencies realized the importance of security and confidentiality of question papers and answer scripts. They are getting updated with features that address the requirements of a very wide range of test situations with the help of intranet of a particular institutions or companies.

The candidates use exam online tests conducted at multiple centres simultaneously with the help of online platform provided by the agencies.

Since the online tests mirror real-life test taking scenarios, it can easily be incorporated into any testing process with no or very minor modifications either on the application side or on the process side. This is the achievement of agencies through continuous efforts to update according to ever changing competitive world.

Most of the online testing structures consist of different activities that address each of the different parts of the test process:

1. Online Registration by the candidate

2. Question Bank Management for conducting the test

3. Question Paper Creation and preparing different sets of question papers

4. Remote server hosted at a fully-secure best-in-class data centre for conducting examinations efficiently

5. Test Software

6. Maintaining the logs of all events for audit trails

7. Monitoring the examination process

8. Result processing and declaration

These modules are integrated and easy-to-use with a consistent Web interface across the application for efficient assessment of employees for recruitment or examinations conducted to assess the students for entrance into certain educational course.


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