Importance of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) in Every Manufacturing Company

electromagnetic compatibility testing

Electromagnetic Compatibility or most commonly known as EMC is the communication of electrical and electronic devices and pieces of equipment with electromagnetic surroundings to the other equipment. Every electronic device and pieces of equipment have potential abilities to release electromagnetic fields. In today’s modern world, the usage of proliferation with electronic devices in the lives of human are huge with all these electronic devices available on the market today such as TVs, electronic ignitions, mobile phones, computers, ATMs, traffic lights, washing machines, anti-theft tags, and so on, there is a large possibility for these devices to interfere with each other.

electromagnetic compatibility testing

Why Electromagnetic Compatibility is Necessary?

Despite the fact that electromagnetic compatibility testing emc malaysia is not famous in the media as food safety or child safety, there are cases where manufacturers been embarrassed by failing to meet the standard requirements of EMC regulation. This happens to them because electromagnetic compatibility or EMC testing were not conducted to their product. Resulting from withdrawn or market pull out which several manufacturers faced bankruptcy due to fine and charges they need to pay.

Besides, several well-known product brands are also banned from releasing such products that did not meet the required standard regulation of EMC and this could also happen to your business.

Reasons to Care about EMC Testing for Your Manufacturing Company

Some few exemptions exist in the current standard today, but if your create, manufacture or import products with electronics parts inside those products, then it is advisable that you’re going to care about EMC testing to avoid fines and charges with the regulatory board.

It Protects Electromagnetic Spectrum

Technically speaking, today’s world has a finite amount of electromagnetic spectrum that you can usually find from radio transmission, microwave communication, radiation devices such as x-rays and CT-scans, and a large number of several products in the market.

Sadly, even these electronic equipment without necessary transmitters releases electromagnetic radiation same with a byproduct of changing currents and voltages that comes with electronic circuitry.

Now, without the limitation of released electromagnetic radiation from these products, the electromagnetic spectrum could be easily affected and worst-case scenario, these frequency bands that are only reserved for radio transmission could be damaged.

With the current number of non-wireless and wireless electronic products packed with electromagnetic spectrum continue to appear in the market today, the number of this spectrum will become crowded in the environment. That’s why EMC testing is conducted to protect this necessary resource to make sure that these devices could function properly in the near future.

Promotes Quality in Product Performance

The function and capabilities of an electronic product can be easily affected by the external and internal usage of EMC testing. For example, if your power supply is a bit noisy which can affect the functionality of analog measurements can lower the performance of a radio transmitter (for a non-wireless and wireless product).

Moreover, applied EMC mishaps can negatively affect your business products in an unlimited number of a process starting from the data corruption up to the measurement of accuracy to radiation frequency performance to frying ICs. By applying EMC testing in every product, you can make sure that your current electronic product will continue to perform a quality capability with the help of EMC environment to minimize the amount of product withdrawal and pull-outs due to poor EMC performance.

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